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Truth Contest

Truth Contest
The TruthGrand Prize: $10,000.00

This contest is seeking the answers to the big questions of life, where we come from, where we are going, why we are here, the truth about life and death.
If you know the answers, make an entry.

Top Entries:

The Present
The Present (with religion)

Let's get honest about the truth.

With honesty, open minds, an open exchange of ideas, good will and the power of the internet, we will find the answers to the big questions about life.

Let's work together to find and define the truth.

The most clear, complete, and accurate explanation of the truth of life will be on top followed by the next best. It does not matter who writes the entries. What is said is all that matters.

We cannot think of a better way to find, check, and spread the ultimate truth than an internet contest. Everyone can be a judge. Everyone can make an entry or a comment.

We are not a dogma like religions with a fixed view. This contest constantly updates and improves our knowledge of the truth. We are not trying to make money, and we have no agenda except to find and spread the truth about life and death. What could be more important?

We want the world's smartest and most inspired people to get involved. Let's start the conversation and do the research to find out what the truth is once and for all.

We all have to live and die, so the truth about it concerns us all.